Grand Award design

Grand Award design

going well beyond traditional exterior construction

We had the opportunity to expand far beyond the traditional scope of exterior construction. Development to the entire home and property allowed the creation of a home that was designed with the landscape as the driving force behind the complimentary architecture of the home.

Built on the shores of Gaynor Lake Wetlands with the Rocky Mountains as a back drop, native plants abound as this home rises out of the earth in an outcropping of boulders that are built as part of the home itself. The same use of materials used in the landscape design and build are also used consistently throughout the home. Built in the tradition of a Craftsmen-style home, the custom built woodwork and cabinetry are complimented by the stone floors and interior walls and columns.

Thousands of yards of fill and amended soils were added to bring the grade up and allow for plantings. The water feature was designed to utilize the groundwater, provide intended natural aesthetics, and filter water through a natural bog filtration system. The lower main pond supports many fish species while the upper fall and pond are home to pet Koi.

  • 2004 ALCC Award of Excellent "Grand Award Winner" for Landscape Construction - Single Family Residence.
  • Water system with natural bog filtration
  • Koi pond
  • Waterfalls, stream, and game fish lake
  • Xeric and native plantings with exceptional seasonal interest
  • Home designed to fit the land
  • Interior design
  • Custom art acquisitions