Philosophical Notes on the Land and Landscapes

Straight lines in nature

Do straight lines exist in nature? “There are none” some say; others declare the concept a myth. Many of us do see geometry in nature – the edge of a blade of grass, in a honeycomb, at the horizon...

The Energy of Outdoor Spaces

A contemplative approach to landscape design is a hallmark of our work at Outdoor Craftsmen. Our founder, Scott Deemer, is a philosopher and fine artist at heart and that informs all aspects of our work culture, and our work. Read more to learn about how this influences our designs, and improves the spaces we work in.

Summer Solstice - the Luxuirously Longest Day of the Year

Tuesday June 20st is Summer Solstice – that time of year when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and those of us in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the first day of Summer. We hear a collective “ahhhh” as we ditch the fleece and don breezy dresses and woven Fedoras.

Landscape Classics for 2017

Some things never go out of style. This holds true for fashion, cars, jewelry, and architecture. And landscaping. The most beautiful landscapes and environments in the world are memorable because they are beautiful to behold, the contain intentional elements of function and aesthetics, and because they stir in us feelings of reverence, vitality, and humility.

The best kind of gift to our clients

In honoring the natural environments we are transforming we are doing our very best work.