Sanctuary, nature's energy, and ambience combine to create a healing garden

The Vision:

Roots in Santa Fe and the enchanted circle of that area, creation of a sanctuary for healing, using the earth's energy was to be our catalyst. The basic elements of nature hold the powers of life forces. Fire, water and stone, the keys to earths own healing powers.

The Solution:

The Construction of this Healing garden allowed us to explore the realm of Metaphysical healing and he culture of The Santa Fe region. Situated in an intimate walkout garden setting we situated the components to follow the solstice and the seasons. Fashioning the Earth House sauna with Large Juniper logs as corner supports and roof beams provided the strong foundation to create a partially dug out style structure with a living roof. At the core of the Sauna is its true power. A shaft of basalt draws energy from deep within the earth to rejuvenate the soul. The sound and flow of the waterfalls adds to the ambiance water relaxing in the hot tub. The wood burning fire pit completes the cycle return of life.


  • Energy Barring Earth House Sauna
  • Natural water fall with Koi pond
  • Terraced Buff flagstone patio system with built in Hot Tub
  • Wood burning Fire pit with Sculpted stone heat reflector
  • Plantings Specially chosen for the unique micro environment
  • Sculpture, furniture and container provide additional interest