Niwot Hill

Niwot Hill

A vision for a sophisticated, modern and sustainable outdoor living experience with the core elements of water, fire, and art were the inspiration for the water wise natural aesthetic that grounds this complex garden. The native backdrop transitions seamlessly into the natural aesthetic of moss rock boulders. A bio-filtration natural pool, permaculture fruit, vegetable and cutting gardens, sculptural fire feature, and many specimen trees are just few features that stand out. Created with Xeric principles as the fundamental building practice this unique property was developed to enjoy the gardens and multiple living areas in all seasons.

A desire to a have cutting edge look to compliment this previously foreclosed home that was under renovation opened the door of creativity. We were challenged with creating a superior look on a bang for your buck approach. This approach became a balance of educating the client on the long term savings to be had by prioritizing sustainable design practices and providing creative solutions for the use of space and materials to make it easier for the client to prioritize the investment.

Outdoor Craftsmen designed this backyard to make best use of the unique grade changes and limited space. A large elevated irrigation channel runs on an angle across the back of the property.

The pool with its natural bio filtration system was designed to tightly fit within the boundaries of a narrow building envelope. An organically shaped basin with boulders in and around the water was chosen to be pond-like in its appearance. The bogs filter the water without chemical additives. This is naturally beautiful and an exceptionally functional and sustainable filtration system. The perennial plant materials purify and pull nitrates and matter from the water. Water plants, grasses, and sedges bloom throughout the summer for very natural aesthetic.

  • Contemporary design, styling, and artistry.
  • Hand selected rocks and boulders anchor every grade transition, prevent erosion, and harmoniously coexist with the unique specimen trees, creating living art.
  • Sophisticated irrigation system with smart controller monitors water usage.
  • Areas of fruits, vegetables, and cutting flowers comingle with the native surroundings.
  • Outdoor fireplace anchors the primary patio outdoor kitchen while also lending warmth and beauty to the entire space.
  • Natural pool waterfall runs year-round with soothing sounds of water heard throughout the garden.
  • A series of organically shaped living spaces make for a fluid use of the grade transitions from the walkout basement to the elevated ditch easement.
  • Designed to be a native grass prairie with less than 600sf of sod incorporated into the 1/2 acre lot.