Embarking on a dream landscape project is an important decision. You will be making major decisions about how you want to live when outside of your home, about problems you wish to solve in the landscape (noise, privacy, erosion, sustainability), and about what investment value the work will bring to the home overall.

Outdoor Craftsmen is a design-build company.  This means that the tasks of design, management, and building of the project are performed cohesively under one roof by our professional landscape artisans, all of whom have deep experience and knowledge in industry best practices and are rigorously trained in our own high standards of craftsmanship and workmanship.

You’ll want to consider the design aesthetics and sensibilities of a company you choose to work with, and have confidence in their ability to execute the project requirements creatively, resourcefully, and professionally.

With a design-build company, project tasks are performed by a dedicated team, communication is quicker and more accurate, timelines are crystal clear, and the transition from the design phase to implementation goes more smoothly.  This streamlined process for managing projects can also lead to cost savings and reduced stress for you.

Other important things to consider when hiring a landscape company:

  • March – June is the ‘busy’ season in Colorado, so getting an initial appointment might take longer, and having the work completed within your hoped-for timeframe may be difficult.
  • Most landscape plans will require at least one review process, either for HOA or for building permits. Review submissions can take up to two weeks to two months, depending on the approving entity.
  • Do you want to work with a number of subcontractors and coordinate multiple professionals to get the job done or have all of the team under one roof? The latter lessens the risk of details slipping through the cracks and of issues arising.
  • How much time and expertise do you need to ensure the design and installation goes as expected? A company like ours apprises you of our meticulous process so you know what is happening, when. This gives the project the best chance of satisfying your vision, and providing you and your family with a landscape you will love for years to come.
  • How many years has the company been in business?  We turned the corner on 30 years in business a couple years ago, which says a lot about our experience, tenacity, and passion for what we do.
  • What kind of company do you really want to work with? You know that cutting corners and taking shortcuts in the interest of saving time and/or money doesn’t pay off in large, complex, projects. And it likely won’t get you what you most desire in your outdoor environment. The landscape industry is full of companies that do ‘so-so’ work.  Outdoor Craftsmen is in a different league, where award-winning work regularly takes place because of our values around hard work, creativity, and willingness to adapt and evolve to stay at the forefront of the design-build industry.

Outdoor Craftsmen provides its clients with attainable luxury – the art of landscape on a grand scale – and the understanding of exactly what it takes to make your great outdoors a beautiful reality.