A contemplative approach to landscape design is a hallmark of our work at Outdoor Craftsmen. We are strongly influenced in design by English sensibility and Asian feng shui. 

Our founder, Scott Deemer, is a philosopher and fine artist at heart and that informs all aspects of our work culture, and our work.

The energy of spaces is intriguing. We understand that clutter in a landscape can throw off balance in ways that are not obvious yet creates negative tension in a space nonetheless. (In feng shui, clutter is stuck energy, so we work hard to avoid it).

We ascribe to harmonious placement of landscape elements within the environment to support the way in which the owner wishes to live. We are attuned not only to how something looks, but how it will feel to those who use the space most often.

Spatial energy includes arranging the elements of a design so that they are not disruptive or jarring.  We use our knowledge of spacial energy to intentionally consider exterior elements - views, purpose, time spent in the space, and how people (and pets) move through it. Some outdoor ‘rooms’ may be more inward oriented and thoughtful while others are will be decidedly outward oriented.

Good energy in a space provides safety, comfort, and beauty. Our work with the flow of energy in a landscape is inherent in establishing the ‘bones’ of the landscape (see our March 2017 blog post Good Bones make Great Gardens).

At Outdoor Craftsmen we care about how you relate to your outdoor space. All spaces have an energetic value, so making sure that you love them and enjoy being in them means we have done our job in designing a landscape that serves you. It doesn’t matter whether the space is for rest or for play, what matters most is how the elements we incorporate (fire, earth, water, metal, and wood) are balanced to make you comfortable, calm, and truly at ease.