Outdoor Craftsmen Natural Swimming Pools

Contemplative, reflective, meditative.

Natural swimming pools are clear and sparkling but not artificial blue. Aquatic plants (in a separate area from the pool) act as a biological filter so that the pool is clean, restorative, and in balance with nature.

Beautifully in harmony with nature.

Natural swimming pools contain a living system that takes care of itself and the pool. In winter the pool freezes just like any natural pool of water and gives your winter landscape a contemplative focal point.

The perfect private swimming oasis.

Inspired by the beauty and joy of the natural swimming holes of the past, these pools are both playful and serene.

Envision a natural pool in your landscape. Stay inspired. Schedule a natural swimming pool consultation today.

Natural swimming pools nurture body, mind, and spirit.

Natural swimming pools create a peaceful setting, valuing the space and maximizing biodiversity. They also perform double-duty to give families the Best. Summer. Ever. People are naturally drawn to pools, especially when they fit beautifully into the greater landscape.

The natural ecosystem is a purification filter in a separate area from the pool, so the pool itself is clean, fresh, and inviting.

  • Natural swimming pools are extremely low maintenance and problem-free
  • Warm up fast and efficiently in the sun
  • The water is especially gentle on hair and skin.
  • Creates an unbelievable ambience for entertaining
  • Elegant and formal or modern and contemporary – any design is possible
  • Designed to use substantially fewer chemicals than a traditional pool
  • Wonderful year-round, but especially family gatherings and holidays.
  • Outdoor Craftsmen’s expertise, philosophy, and care of the natural environment is in every natural swimming pool they design and build.

Natural pools are the optimal way to cool off. The perfect rejuvenating oasis in your own back yard.