Imagery that will Spark Creative Ideas

Every Outdoor Craftsmen landscape is personal and expressive, a true reflection of who the homeowner is and what they enjoy. As you browse our portfolio of landscape projects, keep in mind that anything you see in the collections can be an outstanding springboard for a discussion with us about your personal landscape and garden preferences and desires.

Niwot Hill
Current design trends influenced the vision for this home which now boosts of its bio filtration swimming pool, sculptural features, permaculture gardens, and smart irrigation system.
Szaloczi Residence
The gentle sound of water in the courtyard sets the tone as one approaches the refined elegance of this gracious front entrance.
Keller Residence
From ugly duckling to gorgeous swan - the entire exterior of this home was transformed into a modern home presentation.
Barrett Gorge
Water cascades down multiple natural waterfalls that are seen and heard as you walk across the bridge to the entrance of the home.
Troupe Residence
This historic home in Boulder was updated to reflect the elegance of it's late-19th-century period. An incredible transformation!
Evergreen Estate
A statement of opulence amidst calm and beauty with plenty of outdoor living spaces for activities and entertaining
Celtic Retreat
Artistic elements and old world craftsmanship are a reflection of English garden ideals with a Colorado flare
Earth House
Luxury overflowing with sensory possibilities
Gaynor Lake Residence
Impeccably detailed and elegantly inviting in an immense space where the exterior was expanded far beyond the traditional boundaries
Ni-water Composition
Patios, courtyards, and generous dining and entertaining spaces abound with a serene feel to this magnificent property
Thomson Residence
A fully integrated Craftsmen-style landscaped entrance refreshed a dated look. Large boulders, columns, seat walls, and bluestone patio pull the look together.
Soul of the Gardener
Smaller in scale with welcoming deck and outdoor kitchen and wise use of boulders and water feature
Simple Pleasures
Soothing and romantic ambiance while adhering to environmentally-sensitive standards