Rethinking the landscape

The interaction between landscape and house expands our thinking to much larger than the square footage of the house alone.

The season for dreaming.

Longer days. Sunday drives. First blooming daffodils. The great outdoors beckons us from our winter cocoons...

An ode to the garden bench

These seats are made for summer, but you'll find their elegant shapes and distinct personalities add a welcome design element to your yard in every season.

When flopping meets opportunity.

What to do with flopping grasses and other perennials?

The appeal of an entry garden.

An entry garden sets the tone and reflects the unique personal tastes of the homeowner Outdoor Craftsmen reveals its top secrets for making a front entry memorable...

The perfect addition to your landscape in 2016? A natural, private oasis, of course!

Imagine a swimming pool in Colorado that provides fun and beauty all year. Wait, all year?!? It is absolutely possible and Outdoor Craftsmen can design and build it for you...


Outdoor Craftsmen doesn’t slow the pace in winter (tempting though that may be). Winter is one of our busiest and favorite seasons...

The beauty of curves.

The very essence of Outdoor Craftsmen’s handiwork in nature begins with curves; those gradual, smooth, hopeful , meandering lines that lie at the core of life’s first principle: growth. Our designs are imaginative concepts that are always growing, yet never quite covering the same ground.

Our landscape designs invite you to sit for awhile...

Many of the plants and trees we use when designing are intended to create a space that is easy to enjoy, but difficult to leave. No matter how beautiful a garden, it must first entice you to pause, relax and reflect. We don’t want you or your visitors feeling distracted or unsettled...

Connecting to the land.

Human beings energetically interact with the objects and people in their environments, and eliminating and purging sources of stagnant energy and negativity creates space for new experience and inspiration to enter and flow into life.