Top considerations when hiring a landscape company

Embarking on a dream landscape project is an important decision. You will be making major decisions about how you want to live when outside of your home, about problems you wish to solve in the landscape (noise, privacy, erosion, sustainability), and about what investment value the work will bring to the home overall.

Landscape Classics for 2017

Some things never go out of style. This holds true for fashion, cars, jewelry, and architecture. And landscaping. The most beautiful landscapes and environments in the world are memorable because they are beautiful to behold, the contain intentional elements of function and aesthetics, and because they stir in us feelings of reverence, vitality, and humility.

Good Bones Make Great Gardens

The difference between a good garden and a great one – the one that touches your soul and lifts your spirit, that offers sanctuary in any moment, that is at once exuberant and contained – is what landscape artisans call the ‘bones’.

Would you love this in your backyard?

Let Outdoor Craftsmen take a peek at your landscape wish list and provide ideas and costs for making some (or all) of those projects a reality.

2017 landscape season off to a good start as Outdoor Craftsmen is featured in Denver Post article

The Denver Post featured Outdoor Craftsmen prominently in their recent article “For a lovely landscape this spring, start planning now”.

For the love of a winter landscape

Winter’s cold temperatures chill the bones but also show us the magic that snow and ice can create in nature. Now is the time to take notice of the beauty of the season.

Winter Prognostications

Clues as to what Mother Nature might be doling out this winter. Click the read more button to see winter predictions!

Winter enriches us

Winter is one of the most enriching seasons for landscape professionals in general and in particular for the talented fine artists at Outdoor Craftsmen.

The best kind of gift to our clients

In honoring the natural environments we are transforming we are doing our very best work.

The beauty of Chrysanthemums in the November garden

The summer annuals helping to fill your landscape with added color and interest tuckered out (finally!) with our recent first snow of the year. Until last week they may have already been leggy and exchanged blooming for making seeds.