Outdoor Craftsmen has a lot of experience with water features, because they are a manifestation of our philosophy of “attainable luxury” where the landscape is seen as fine art on a grand scale.

Our natural swimming pools are clear, sparkling, and undeniably restorative. Float in a natural swimming pool and the cares of the day quickly slip away.

Any water feature – regardless of size - lends an air of tranquility and speaks to the power of landscape elements that are intentionally designed to work beautifully in harmony with nature.  Quiet pools or boisterous water fountains each contribute to their surroundings through sound, the feel of the air (clean, crisp, pure), and visual engagement. Who doesn’t love to stop and stare at water flowing down through natural boulders or off the side of a whimsical fountain?

Water nurtures body, mind, and spirit but also provides a wonderful ambience when entertaining make a landscape special in a way no other landscape design features can quite pull off.