Outdoor firepits have come a long way since the days of simple circular in-ground pits created with basic concrete pavers. Elevated well beyond the ‘pit’, today’s fire features are stunning in their design, materials (think crushed glass), and variety.  
They set a mood in an exterior space in a way that no other feature can by adding warmth, entertainment (who doesn’t love to sit and stare into a fire?) and a welcome gathering place for all.

Outdoor fireplaces can be designed to reflect your interior design ideas, linking the aesthetics of your indoors with your outdoors. In addition to familiar square and round constructs, new iterations in fire features include massive boulders, long and narrow in wall or tabletop profiles, or in-ground configurations that delight with an almost magical quality.

The use of unique materials such as stucco, matching façade, stone and concrete are all possible. A fire feature can stand alone in the landscape, accessed by a rustic pavers pathway, or incorporated into an outdoor living ‘room’ complete with television and outdoor kitchen (don’t forget the pizza oven)!

Set the scene by incorporating cozy seating where you can curl up and enjoy your fireplace, the view, and the ones you love.