Outdoor Craftsmen clients come to us for creative and unique design and installation of wonderful outdoor sanctuaries. They trust our experience and craftsmanship and appreciate our customer service.

We pride ourselves on helping clients to continually improve and enhance their landscapes. One of the ways we do that is by regularly talking to clients about their landscape ideas, questions, wants, and needs.

Here’s a selection of recent popular questions, focused on the late summer/early fall season:

  • Is late summer/early fall a good time to plant trees?  Yes, the best time of year to plant trees in our region is mid-August through September, when the worst of the water-sapping heat is over and before first hard frost.  You want to give tree roots a chance to ‘take’ before the onset of winter. Call us to inquire about best watering practices for the trees you are considering planting, or to brainstorm with us about the best trees to choose for a particular area of your landscape.
  • Should I wait for Spring to plant perennials?  We advise you divide and plant hardy perennials right now (late summer), for many of the same reasons as mentioned in the trees question above.  In late fall, add a good layer of insulating mulch all around your perennials to prevent repeated freezing and thawing of the soil that could heave plants out of the ground and cause plant crowns and roots to be exposed and die.
  • When is the best time to sow grass seed for my lawn?  Late summer seeding has several advantages over spring seeding.  The seeds of cool-season grasses germinate quickly in the warmth of August lawns, and the warm days and cool nights with afternoon rain showers promote rapid turfgrass growth.  There’s also less competition from weeds this time of year.
  • I want daffodils and tulips for next spring. Sounds lovely! Mid- to late-September/early October is the best time to plants bulbs that will make a cheerful appearance come spring. We recommend planting bulbs in groups or clusters for best impact (single row planting isn’t as visually pleasing to the eye).  Be sure to plant them as deep as the directions say, or they might not make it through winter.

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