“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives continues despite cooler temperatures. We enjoy being outdoors and appreciating all that nature offers – especially upon closer examination…

When we take a few moments to marvel at the fall spectacle that is the changing color of the trees, the swirling and crackling of leaves, and the richness of texture and form in our outdoor places, we are richly rewarded.

Foliage in vibrant hues of red, gold, orange, and yellow delight; tumbleweeds turn from green to amethyst (surprise!) before they dry and take flight across country roads and highways; Apache Plume blooms with feathery puffs tinged crimson and appear to glow in morning light.

Bronzed Black-eyed Susan flourishes in great swaths on pathways to front entrances – leading us to exclamation points of mums and chrysanthemums in all their expected cheerfulness. Ornamental grasses sway in the breeze – their plumes swaying softly despite being heavy with seed soon to be dispersed through the air to fortify the birds and ground critters.

Handcrafted garden features – decorative columns, eye-catching gates, conservatories, and outdoor sculptures begin to take center stage as gardens descend into dormancy.

The autumn color wheel never fails to impress – with coppers, violets, creams, flaming reds, deep wines, and vivid scarlets taking our breath away each time we catch a glimpse of them, and take note of their glory.

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