Summer days are getting shorter, there’s a cool nip in the nighttime air, kids are heading back to school, and football season is beginning – fall is coming!

As daylight hours wane the nights get cooler, we may lose time in the evening to enjoy our gardens and landscapes. But that doesn’t mean you get less time outdoors. Now is the perfect time to plan to enhance the usefulness of your beloved outdoor environment by including a fire feature.

An outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or built-in fire feature will increase your home’s value and expand your outdoor time by providing warmth and light to gather around and enjoy all year. A recent survey by The National Association of Realtors showed that more than half of surveyed buyers would pay a premium for a home with an outdoor area that includes a quality constructed fire feature.

The key is to create a comfortable place for your family and friends to sit and relax, and to hire an experienced and highly qualified design firm like Outdoor Craftsmen to do the work.  You are going ambience, warmth, and glow – not some huge monstrosity that clashes with the rest of your outdoor living spaces. And you don’t want any problems with it. Here are tips for getting what you want in out an outdoor fire feature:

County Codes. Check with your county’s outdoor fire codes first. Most fire features must be a certain number of feet away from buildings or structures. That’s where consulting with a professional during the planning phase is important.  Outdoor Craftsmen provides complimentary consultations – take advantage of our knowledge and schedule an appointment with us.  303.828.0408

Materials. The materials you choose can have a big impact on the appearance and cost of a fire feature – and there are numerous to choose from including brick, stone, flagstone, concrete, boulders and large rocks.  Depending on the style and budget you are going for, some of these materials will be a better pick than others.  Take a look at the Fire Elements gallery on our website to get ideas before your consultation.

Location and positioning in the landscape.  Carefully consider the best location for your fire feature.  If you have fantastic views, you won’t want to block them but instead position your seating area to enjoy the fire and the views.  Want to block the wind in a particularly breezy spot of your patio or enjoy your pool and firepit at the same time?  We can help you locate the best place for incorporating the fire feature given the amenities you want to be closest to.

The most obvious value of an outdoor fire feature is the visual appeal – they certainly make a home look and feel more home-y. They can last a lifetime if well-crafted the first time around, and think about the fun you and your family will have watching the fireplace light up your backyard with a beautiful glow!