Extending our indoor comforts to our home’s outdoor environment continues to be a big trend (or would that be bringing the outdoors in, closer to home)?

We are seeing use of home exterior materials for landscape elements like courtyard walls, natural stone fire features, and covered areas that are attached to the home itself designed with the home’s rooflines in mind. 

Recent landscape architecture has evolved away from freestanding pergolas and gazebos and more towards covered decks, finished deck ceilings, and courtyard retaining walls that allow the homeowner to decorate with creature comforts and a keen sense of how they like to live (think Sunday football games on the outdoor television).

Outdoor lights, kitchens, speakers, heaters, and water and fire elements are now typically on our clients’ must-have list. We know people desire to have nice amenities as an extension of the primary residence nowadays – as long as the space is sheltered from the elements so it can function, and feel, like a true indoor-outdoor room.

What's on your outdoor wishlist?