For a few months every year we luxuriate in the warmth of that most welcome season: summer.  With a reported 300 days of sun a year and high-altitude air, creating stylish outdoor spaces that invite the warmth but repel the burn is top on many homeowners’ landscape lists.

Pergolas, patios, covered decks, natural swimming pools, water features, and protected outdoor kitchens are all highly desirable chiefly because they are considered extensions of our home. We want them open and airy and also cozy and protective from nature’s harsher elements.

The options for high-tech high-style heat busting solutions are well beyond the vine covered trellises of old. Remote-powered sleek looking awnings let in the views while keeping out the sun.  Designed for today’s modern homes, these awnings even come with sensors that know when the wind is blowing too hard or the snow load too much. 

Outdoor Craftsmen receives a lot of requests for natural swimming pools to take the edge off the hottest days and have the added benefits of being both playful and serene. Natural swimming pools are the perfect private swimming oasis: clear and sparkling but not artificial blue. They contain a living system that takes care of the pool.  In winter, the pool simply freezes over, giving your winter landscape a contemplative focal point. 

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Leaning more towards a covered patio or deck? Let us show you how to design that into your existing property for a “looks like it’s always been there” integration of home, structure, and landscape.  View our gallery for more ideas! We have galleries filled with images of outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, patios, waterscapes, and more.