You can get a lot more bang for your buck when you work with a landscape design/build company that places a high value on planning and having clear agreements on their design, your expectations, and what it will take to meld the two into a satisfactory outcome.

There are ways to have a wonderful landscape at a reasonable cost.  Setting a budget with the possibility of some overage (i.e. +/- 15%) is a good start.  Then prioritize your wish list.  If you don’t know the real costs of items on the list, that’s ok.  Prioritize it for what you most desire in your landscape, and then in consultation with your design firm you’ll be able to reprioritize if necessary.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of your list can be achieved within a planned budget by an experienced landscape company with deep connections in the industry, and long, strong relationships with materials providers.

Craftsmanship is best not rushed

Be mindful of the classic production triangle:  time, cost, and quality.  If you want low-cost and fast, you’ll likely have to sacrifice some quality – usually in the kinds of materials being chosen and the crews available for the work. If, however, you are focused on time and quality, the project may cost due to rush fees, overtime, and availability of materials.

Don’t overdo it.  Planning your outdoor environment too large for your needs depletes the pocketbook fast, and may lead to unnecessary work.  Narrow down your list to what you most want (or need, as in the case of grading and structure) and stick to that.  You can always plan for a Phase 2 for items on your list that just can’t be pulled off in Phase 1.

Listen to your landscape company team. These folks are experts and truly in the know, and have a lot to offer when it comes to alternatives and options you might not have considered or even knew could be a possibility. They know how (and when) to implement savvy tricks to save on budget or shorten the timeframe, and they know where to get the best materials for the best prices because they are out there walking the landscape yards day in and day out.

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