We often work with clients whose home has an awe-inspiring view or a special light during a specific time of day, and we are asked to preserve and enhance those special qualities of the property as part of our design.

Designing a landscape can be a complex endeavor. We must respect the lines and style of the home while also drawing out the best features of the land and its surroundings.

Synergies between home and land are essential to understand when considering the feel/energy of both home and outdoor environment.

We use color, texture, and structure with striking effects. A wall of ornamental grasses gently swaying in the breeze on a five-acre property may draw the eye to the golden prairie beyond. Dwarf trees along a roadway provide lush privacy while also preserving views from a second story deck or window. Large boulders may serve double duty in solving a tricky grading issue and also create the perfect protected backdrop for an outdoor kitchen or small pond.

Our goal is to create a landscape that the eye immediately appreciates for its seamless integration into the overall property. We design for the land to be a focal point while being subtle enough to allow other outstanding features of the property or home to be noticed and enjoyed.

Adding features that mimic natural habitats allows the garden to feel like it has always been a part of the home. Interesting plantings, colors and textures (including water and sound) make it inviting.  Giving it purpose and usefulness makes it yours.