Fans of HGTV home remodel shows know well what comes at the end of each show when, after the blood, sweat, and tears of their dream renovation is complete and the homeowners see the full reno.

In less than an hour on renovation television, viewers are intimate with the oftentimes stressful and angst-filled process of bringing a large remodel project to fruition. We are privy to clashes between designer, builder, and homeowner over those “we’ve found a problem” moments, and cringe when the budget is increased or the homeowner has to make painful compromises, abandoning aspects of their vision and relegate what got axed to ‘another time’.

This makes for good TV of course.  In real life, it shouldn’t happen like that, and yet too often in many renovation projects - indoors and out, it is like that.

Not at Outdoor Craftsmen.

Our entire process is buttoned down and proven successful over many years of working with clients, allowing us to focus on their vision, the project schedule and budget, and quality of the work without suffering negativity and undue stress in our client relationships.

Outdoor Craftsmen has been working on highly complex, even exotic, landscape projects for a couple of decades now. We’ve learned a thing or three about imbuing everything we do with our signature craftsmen’s touch, and that has naturally extended to how we work with homeowners to inspire confidence about our work and adeptly laying the foundation for the outcome you expect to see, and receive.

We like to have clear agreements with all clients before beginning work, and we pride ourselves on our organized, systematic approach to landscape design that is tailored specifically to each client’s wants and needs. The infographic image in this post outlines our 8-step process.