Are you sitting on blank canvas for a fresh and modern approach to landscaping and don’t know it? Could a new start for your land be just the thing you need to create natural abundance and coexist peacefully with your land?

Starting over is a best possible approach for many tired, overgrown landscapes.  Beginning anew serves numerous positive purposes in the environment, including:

  • Relieving the earth of old, gnarly, underperforming plants, shrubs and trees
  • Reinvigorating the old soil with air, sunlight, and, eventually, amended soil that doesn’t blow away easily, holds moisture better, and is more conducive to deep and healthy root growth and thus healthy, lush and happy plants
  • Allowing you the opportunity to step back and see your entire outdoor areas differently, with renewed perspective and focus
  • Opening up the possibility to create an outdoor space as large or small as you wish, and have in that space those landscape elements that fit your current lifestyle
  • Creating a feeling of flow in the space, including reflecting the lines and style of the home
  • Reducing, in most cases, maintenance.  Modern landscapes are intentionally designed to be smart.  Think water-wise, sustainable, and meticulously planned to embrace the sense of place with clever and unique use of materials both living (ornamental grasses, disease resistant trees) and not (boulders, outdoor art, lighting).
  • Reflecting your own personal taste.  Outdoor environments should be a happy, welcoming space that “just feels right” to YOU and your family. Existing in someone else’s old landscape can be a disconcerting experience that makes you feel oddly disconnected from nature, instead of more in tune with it.  You know what you like and want, and in such an oft-used space, you should have that.
  • Having fun and getting creative.  Outdoor Craftsmen has used edible plants such as strawberries for groundcover in some landscapes because it is an evergreen that stays beautiful in winter months.
  • Reduces your water bill.  Today’s watering systems are extremely resourceful in how much H2O they use while still allowing for water features in the landscape (bubbling boulders, fountains that spurt through a hold in a boulder recycling the same water over and over, xeric lawns and other plant materials that bloom and thrive despite a challenging climate).

Opting to push the reset button on your landscape will be a welcome change. You will experience calm and contentment when you visit the space, revel in the incredible ecosystems that healthy environments support, and eliminate a lot of those pesky garden chores of old.

Let’s get started! Outdoor Craftsmen is ready to talk with you about your wants, needs, and goals for your property – however large or small. 

Together we’ll craft a landscape that makes the most of where and how you live.