Water in the landscape - a cornerstone of attainable luxury

Water features continue to be one of the hottest landscape features around. From noise-reducing water fountains to quiet natural swimming pools, everyone loves having water in their landscape.

Nature - the best gift of all

"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths." When you connect with nature – whether a walk in the forest or a stroll through your own backyard - time slows, breathing is relaxed, thoughts find rest, calm comes to nest.

For a good return on your landscape investment, plan and budget

There are two ways to have a wonderful landscape for a reasonable cost. Do these two things and you'll be pleased by how much can be achieved.

The best gifts are thoughtful (landscape projects) gifts

The gift of a landscape project is the ultimate in smart, thoughtful, fun, and wow! Can you imagine opening a card with a gift certificate from Outdoor Craftsmen for that long-pined-for outdoor kitchen or family-gathering outdoor fireplace?

An Ode to the Cottage Garden

Beloved by many for their spectacular garden blooms and lush orchestration of colors, textures, plant variation (including ornamental and native plants), cottage gardens embody a distinct informal design using more traditional materials and dense plantings.

Landscape Trends for 2018

Incorporating tranquility in the landscape through calming sounds, smells, and views will continue to be popular and oft-used by our design team. We’ve long known that meandering streams, water fountains, and natural pools add incredible peace-of-mind-value to any outdoor ‘room’.

Taking time to savor autumn

We like to think of fall season as a time to begin slowing our pace and shifting our focus from outside to in. Not in Colorado!

Why would anyone need a landscape designer?

Landscapes literally grow in value over time. Hire the highest-caliber landscape designer you can find to maximize this important home investment.

Just in time for winter: extending your indoors out

Homeowners remain steadfast in wanting to spend a large chunk of their time outdoors, even on chillier days and evenings. Extending our indoor comforts to our home’s outdoor environment continues to be a big trend (or would that be bringing the outdoors in, closer to home)?

The Energy of Outdoor Spaces

A contemplative approach to landscape design is a hallmark of our work at Outdoor Craftsmen. Our founder, Scott Deemer, is a philosopher and fine artist at heart and that informs all aspects of our work culture, and our work. Read more to learn about how this influences our designs, and improves the spaces we work in.